About PazAdessi


Who Are We?
PazAdessi is a brand new, Chicago-born company catering to fashionistas on and off the runway. We take pride in our brand because of how carefully we consider--not just the elegance of each style we design--but the level of comfort they provide. We do not create a single product without feeling as though we haven't met every woman's criteria.

Why PazAdessi?
While many stores tend to reorder the same products, PazAdessi is committed to only selling the same style once. In other words, once an item is sold out, it's gone for good. We strive to offer a fresh, ever-changing selection in order to maintain uniqueness for the fashion-savvy woman. We believe exclusivity is the key to fashion-forward thinking.

Our Products
PazAdessi collections are exclusively made in Italy using the finest quality of soft leather. Soft leather is smooth, thin, and is what makes our products high-end. Our genuine leather is primarily made of bovine, consisting of both pure suede and leather. PazAdessi stilettos are handcrafted by industry leaders whose innovative techniques are the inspiration behind our brand.